Benefits Of HGH

Human growth hormone or HGH is naturally produced in the body by the pituitary gland and is a key regulator of cell regeneration, lean muscle growth and the upkeep of healthy tissues. It plays a pivotal role in optimizing the functioning of the brain and other important organs. The hormone is converted into the instrumental insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 by the liver that works in collaboration with different cell receptor sites to optimize the metabolism. The HGH levels in the body are naturally boosted through proper diet, lack of stress, frequent exercise, and proper sleep. The hormone provides a plethora of benefits like enhanced stamina, vitality, increased bone density, lean muscle mass, fat loss and anti-aging features. It is recommended that you monitor your HGH levels and optimize them for staying young and healthy. Since the hormone concentrations naturally slow down after you reach the 40s, it’s suggested that you make use of natural supplements available in the market to avoid any deficiency. Some of the benefits of human growth hormone for both men and women include:

Increased Muscle Strength

The hormone directs protein synthesis in the body by binding to receptor sites in muscle cells. This also results in enhanced lean muscle mass and high muscular strength providing you with more vigor and capacity for physical activity. It helps influence collagen synthesis by stimulating development flows in skeletal muscle and tendons making the muscles stronger and healthier with an improvement in athletic performance.

Improved Healing

One significant benefit of the HGH is the management of bone metabolism that helps improve fracture healing in individuals. When working at optimal levels, the growth hormone steps up the pace of bone regeneration facilitating healing of the bone when growth factors such as IGF-1 are applied for stimulation, look for buy HGH for sale here.

Enhanced Weight Loss

By binding to fat cell receptor sites, HGH helps you stay in shape and eliminate unnecessary fat from the body. Obese people do not respond well to growth hormone stimuli release but this can be improved by reducing weight and unnecessary lipids. The lipolysis is a process that is related to the breakdown of fats and the hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. By increasing the pace of lipolysis, HGH helps in eliminating unwanted fat cells leading to weight loss.

Strong Bones

As soon as the pituitary gland releases the growth hormone in the body, it moves to different locations in the body that are responsible for bone growth. By influencing the production of IGF-1 through the liver, it regulates the development of bones activating bone-forming and bone-resorbing cells, adding to the mass and density. Individuals who optimize their hormone levels benefit from high bone mass and bone strength.

 Better Sleep

Most of the HGH is secreted just after you go to sleep and continues to rise during the night. A good 8-hour sleep keeps your metabolic processes smooth while letting you stay young and fresh. The sleep deprivation may result in health concerns like low vitality, stress, obesity, and less physical engagement.

Common Health Problems of Professional Athletes and How Cannabis Can Solve Them

Whether it is soccer, swimming, or relay racing at the Olympics, an athlete or a sportsperson always has to ensure that he stays on top of his game. It’s not child’s play, of course, especially with the competition setting higher bars with every passing day. With technology advancing at a rapid speed, athletes are also becoming much more competitive and a lot is involved behind the scenes.

Today, even workouts are designed to optimize an athlete’s performance, and there are many more advantages a player has when compared to yester years. However, although things are changing for the better, athletes are forced to constantly push their limits regardless of their injuries. Sports like rugby, soccer or even basketball can be very strenuous for players, and with all the injuries come the pain meds.

It’s no secret that athletes depend on painkillers to a large extent, and some of these innocent meds can be very destructive and addictive. But, is it okay to depend on medications and ignore the side effects in the long term? Yes, it’s important to score that goal or bag a gold medal, but with harmful medications used, it might not seem like a such a great idea anymore.

Therefore, sportspersons are turning towards alternative medications such as marijuana. Cannabis has been used as painkillers for several years and even professional NBA players like Cliff Robinson and Jay Williams have been very vocal about using it. They also claim that at least 80 percent of NBA players use cannabis regardless of drug tests today.

So, what makes cannabis a safe and better alternative? Well, first off, cannabis can help with inflammation, and some players like Nate Jackson – an NFL player – also take CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s present in cannabis) to relieve pain.

Can Cannabis Replace Painkillers?

The general misconception surrounding cannabis is that it kills the user’s focus, but that’s simply not sure. Many people are hesitant to try cannabis mainly because of the stigma that surrounds it, but studies conducted have proven that cannabis can be as effective as Tylenol to reduce pain. In fact, studies also state that cannabis has at least twenty times more anti-inflammatory properties and is safer than aspirin!

Thankfully, many people are now becoming aware of the wonderful effects of marijuana. The herb is much safer than alcohol, tobacco and even prescription painkillers that are available everywhere today. In fact, smoking/consuming cannabis releases Anandamide – cannabinoids produced by the brain – that incites a euphoric sensation in the brain.

The fact that makes cannabis even more appealing is that you can even grow it at home! If you’re lucky to reside in a state that approves medical cannabis, you can shop for some Best LED Grow Lights and start the process of cultivating your own medicine. It’s really as simple as setting up the grow lights and planting some seeds.

Obviously, growing cannabis has to be much easier than depending on addictive drugs that can even damage your liver later in the future. It wasn’t so easy to procure LED Grow lights a few years ago qand it was also very expensive; however, with time, it’s not only accessible, but it’s also cheaper and user-friendly now. Also, cannabis enhances things and allows you to enjoy the experience even if you’re just working out, so it’s totally worth it.

Competitive sports can be brutal and many players suffer for a long time if they don’t take sufficient precaution. Also, the problem with prescription drugs is that it’s available easily and this cavalier attitude of not taking action is also reflected in sports today.

Cannabis can indeed be the solution to many problems faced by players, but the problem is that it’s still illegal in many countries around the world. Hopefully, with much research and studies proving its efficacy, cannabis will be decriminalized and accepted in every part of the globe.

Types of Bed Mattresses | Pros and Cons

Looking for a bed mattress might be daunting especially if you have no idea as to which is type is perfect to fit your style and comfort. Asking around from your friends, family or co-workers with any recommendations that they can share is a good idea for you to start selecting by listing it all down and check at your local or via online bed mattresses stores. However, the type of bed that works for them may not work the best for you. This is why you need to make sure with a purchase otherwise you’ll end up overspending.

To help you get started with a sound mind decision making for the right type of bed mattress, here are the five top bed mattresses in the market together with its pros and cons.

  1. Innerspring mattress

This type of bed mattress is one of the common design that provides comfort, convenience and support for your entire body. Changing positions while sleeping is greatly beneficial because the innerspring mattress responds nicely. Most of these are made in high quality materials polyurethane and springs that are wrapped in coils to avoid pressing it onto your back as you lie down.

Pros – it comes with a very reasonable pricing and consistently comfortable.

Cons- it have less adaptability to the curves of your spine and doesn’t have motion transfer which means you can definitely disturb your partner. If you happened to choose a much cheaper design, expect for a flimsy and short life span of the mattress.

  1. Coil mattresses

Comparing an innerspring with a pocketed coil mattress would depend on the quality. For example, choosing between a van and sedan. The Vans are most likely comfortable and it is always reliable from beginning to end. Sedan, is more on the sophistication and elegance. Inner spring mattresses relies on a single steel type assembly in providing support to the unit.

Pros- it is excellent in providing comfor

t such as pressure points. This eliminates good motion transfer which means moving won’t be a disturbance as you sleep.

  1. Memory foam mattress

Over the past 15 years, it has drawn a lot of attention to consumers because of the materials used to make this type of mattress. It is gel-infused which makes it known for its high density foams. It is also naturally build with resources such as soy.

Pros- provides ample orthopedic support to avoid back and joint pain. And, of course, you will need the best mattress topper to be 100% sure that you are getting the best night rest ever.

Cons- this have low to no ventilation which means its materials are not breathable which can cause hot temperatures while sleeping. It lacks a bounce effect which makes you feel like you’re in a quicksand.

  1. Latex mattress

This provides a high-end feels of having a good sleep. It have the right bounce and bed air flow is at its best.

Pros- this cools down the body as it sleeps and without any means of difficulty in sleeping.

Cons- if you are not into spongy feel type of latex mattress then this is not suitable for you and not suitable for people who are allergic to latex as well.

  1. Hybrid mattresses

This is said to be the best leading type of bed mattress of all time.

Pros- it conforms to the body where in it is best suitable to anyone who wants to have a good sleep.

Cons- this can sometimes be misleading and at the same time ambiguous as to what materials that are used.

These are basically the five main types of bed mattresses that you can differentiate and weigh options as to which do you think is beneficial to you.



How sportsmen can benefit from cannabis usage

How sportsmen can benefit from cannabis usage

Let me first start by making a clarification, this article only applies to you if you are in a state or country that has legalized free use of cannabis. Read this knowing fully that every international sport has strict restrictions on use of banned substances, cannabis being one of them. It is worth mentioning however that in a ‘perfect’ world where weed was legal, it actually has quite a number of benefits to you irrespective of your sport. This is not my opinion, researchers are not only looking at the medicinal value of weed but also on its value on the athletic side.

#1 Using cannabis after a workout helps with muscle recovery

We all know that cannabis has pain killing effects and has done wonders to cancer patients and others. Well, this benefit can also be experienced in sport. Most often we sportsmen and women tend to experience a lot of muscular pain after a workout. Because of its pain killing properties, cannabis can help in relieving this pain and helping in muscle recovery.In addition to this, cannabis is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can actually help you work out longer. Interesting! Right?

#2 Using cannabis will help increase appetite 

When you are taking part in a sport, most often sportsmen and women have to take part in intense workout sessions which mean you burn plenty of body fats and damage tissues which require to be replaced. Eating right will help in doing this. Cannabis is known to help increase appetite. The better your appetite the better you eat and the better your body rebuilds and recovers.

#3 Cannabis can help you burn body fat quicker

If you are an athlete, you definitely know how stressful it is to recover your body form especially after the pre-season. Regardless of the sport, most sportsmen and women end up gaining too much body fat during this period. Cannabis has chemical properties that contribute to burning off fat cells much faster. Only challenge is, not all weed strains have this chemical property. You will have to do extensive research before taking that blunt.

Keeping in mind that the World Anti-Doping Agency tests athletes more frequently these days in an effort to reduce doping incidents in sport, as a professional sportsman or woman you can only try this remedy at your own risk. At the moment, these options are only available to us who are sport enthusiasts but not professional sportsmen and women.

Importance of sleep for sport

Importance of sleep for sport

The human body has been physically and mentally conditioned to receive good nutrition and sufficient rest in order for it to achieve peak performance. This is in fact more important for athletes irrespective of their sport of choice. This notwithstanding, sleep remains one of the most overlooked aspects considering that it is through sleep that our bodies are able to achieve maximum rest. Below are a couple of reasons why sleep is important for sport.

#1 Sleep helps to improve your reflexes

One of the qualities that makes certain athletes stand out from the rest is their quick reflexes. This applies to any sport. Generally, during game timean athlete always has just a fraction of a second to react. Lack of sufficient sleep is known to slow down reaction time significantly and this means slower reflexes. Medical experts say that pulling an all-nighter is likely to reduce reaction time by more than 300 per cent. Take heed, get your sleep.

#2 Sleep helps to reduce proneness to injuries

A study carried out by the University of California revealed that the rate of injures among athletes is higher when they go for games having slept for less than 6 hours. This is attributed to fatigue which generally affects reaction time when taking part in a sport. A tired athlete often has slowerreflexes hence they are more prone to potential hitswhen tackled on the field by their opponents.

#3 Sleep helps to improve your overall wellbeing

As we have established, your body requires rest in order for it to refresh and recuperate therefore lack of sleep leads to fatigue which in turn affects the body’s immune system. This makes players taking part in whatever sport more susceptible to illness. Failure to get sufficient sleepdeprives the body of sufficient time to regenerate and repair cells and tissue damaged during the vigorous workouts and during games time.

#4 Sleep ensures you have a longer playing career

Think of it this way, whatever sport you are taking part in, the more sleep you get, the more rest your body gets which means the better your reflexes, the lesser your injuries and this then means a long, healthy and successful playing career. As athletes or potential athletes active in a sport this doesn’t seem like rocket science, does it?

#5 Sleep ensures you have betteraccuracy and speed

As we have established, sleep helps to reduce fatigue and ensures that your body rests and regenerates thus restoring all crucial physiological, biochemical and cognitive functionalities. Astudy conducted at Stanford University on the university’s men’s basketball team found out that players who received sufficient sleep registered an improvement in speed during sprints and a significant improvement in shooting accuracy from the free throw line. A similar improvement was noted in tennis players, swimmers as well as weightlifters.

#6 Sleep ensures you have fewer mental errors

Sport is as much a mental activity as it is a physical one. As we have established, insufficient sleep will lead to impaired judgement and this results into mental errors in the pitch as a result of lack of focus and poor memory. Proper sleep is a remedy for this.

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