About Sports Place

I am William Williamson and you can consider me a junkie for sport. I have always been fascinated by athletes and how they achieve such amazing and record breaking fits on the pitch. As a decent athlete myself, I always struggled going the extra mile, running the extra kilometer, spending an extra hour on the basketball court, name it. I always wanted to do something extra. This desire has inspired me to have a new kind of thinking and approach to the way I view sports and that is why I started my blog – Sports Palace.

Through Sports Palace I want to help you perform better in your sport through working out healthier and naturally, resist the temptation to turn to supplements, get better results on the pitch, the track or the pool and live an overall happier life with a more active lifestyle. I have taken my time to produce well researched articles that are thoughtful, reliable and insightful.As an athlete myself, I am going the extra mile to find all the tools and resources that will ensure my content is legitimate. My desire is for you to have a greater control over your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing both in sport and in you day to day affairs.

Whether your goal is to burn fats in a healthier way, make better diet choices, gain body strength and muscles faster but healthier, Sports Palace is the blog to get your sport nourishment.