Common Health Problems of Professional Athletes and How Cannabis Can Solve Them

Whether it is soccer, swimming, or relay racing at the Olympics, an athlete or a sportsperson always has to ensure that he stays on top of his game. It’s not child’s play, of course, especially with the competition setting higher bars with every passing day. With technology advancing at a rapid speed, athletes are also becoming much more competitive and a lot is involved behind the scenes.

Today, even workouts are designed to optimize an athlete’s performance, and there are many more advantages a player has when compared to yester years. However, although things are changing for the better, athletes are forced to constantly push their limits regardless of their injuries. Sports like rugby, soccer or even basketball can be very strenuous for players, and with all the injuries come the pain meds.

It’s no secret that athletes depend on painkillers to a large extent, and some of these innocent meds can be very destructive and addictive. But, is it okay to depend on medications and ignore the side effects in the long term? Yes, it’s important to score that goal or bag a gold medal, but with harmful medications used, it might not seem like a such a great idea anymore.

Therefore, sportspersons are turning towards alternative medications such as marijuana. Cannabis has been used as painkillers for several years and even professional NBA players like Cliff Robinson and Jay Williams have been very vocal about using it. They also claim that at least 80 percent of NBA players use cannabis regardless of drug tests today.

So, what makes cannabis a safe and better alternative? Well, first off, cannabis can help with inflammation, and some players like Nate Jackson – an NFL player – also take CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s present in cannabis) to relieve pain.

Can Cannabis Replace Painkillers?

The general misconception surrounding cannabis is that it kills the user’s focus, but that’s simply not sure. Many people are hesitant to try cannabis mainly because of the stigma that surrounds it, but studies conducted have proven that cannabis can be as effective as Tylenol to reduce pain. In fact, studies also state that cannabis has at least twenty times more anti-inflammatory properties and is safer than aspirin!

Thankfully, many people are now becoming aware of the wonderful effects of marijuana. The herb is much safer than alcohol, tobacco and even prescription painkillers that are available everywhere today. In fact, smoking/consuming cannabis releases Anandamide – cannabinoids produced by the brain – that incites a euphoric sensation in the brain.

The fact that makes cannabis even more appealing is that you can even grow it at home! If you’re lucky to reside in a state that approves medical cannabis, you can shop for some Best LED Grow Lights and start the process of cultivating your own medicine. It’s really as simple as setting up the grow lights and planting some seeds.

Obviously, growing cannabis has to be much easier than depending on addictive drugs that can even damage your liver later in the future. It wasn’t so easy to procure LED Grow lights a few years ago qand it was also very expensive; however, with time, it’s not only accessible, but it’s also cheaper and user-friendly now. Also, cannabis enhances things and allows you to enjoy the experience even if you’re just working out, so it’s totally worth it.

Competitive sports can be brutal and many players suffer for a long time if they don’t take sufficient precaution. Also, the problem with prescription drugs is that it’s available easily and this cavalier attitude of not taking action is also reflected in sports today.

Cannabis can indeed be the solution to many problems faced by players, but the problem is that it’s still illegal in many countries around the world. Hopefully, with much research and studies proving its efficacy, cannabis will be decriminalized and accepted in every part of the globe.

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