Share your Experiences

There are hundreds and probably thousands of online resources where athletes can get information about sports but from my experience, most of these sites have not been vetted therefore as athletes we need to be cautious. At Sports Palace, we want you to vet our content and we also want you to share your own personal experiences. Our goal is to have credible content that is verifiable.

We therefore welcome you, whether you are an athlete or just a junkie for sport to you to share your own experiences. Let us know what workout regime worked for you, what diet plan enhanced your workout, how you were able to push your body to go the extra mile, we want to hear about it and we want to share it with our eager readers.

Personally, as an athlete, I have learnt quite a bit hearing the different success stories from fellow athletes who had to develop their own regiments because there was nothing available that was working for them. This is the main motivation behind including this section in my blog. Please send me an email at with your story and I will be glad to share it on Sports Palace.