How sportsmen can benefit from cannabis usage

Let me first start by making a clarification, this article only applies to you if you are in a state or country that has legalized free use of cannabis. Read this knowing fully that every international sport has strict restrictions on use of banned substances, cannabis being one of them. It is worth mentioning however that in a ‘perfect’ world where weed was legal, it actually has quite a number of benefits to you irrespective of your sport. This is not my opinion, researchers are not only looking at the medicinal value of weed but also on its value on the athletic side.

#1 Using cannabis after a workout helps with muscle recovery

We all know that cannabis has pain killing effects and has done wonders to cancer patients and others. Well, this benefit can also be experienced in sport. Most often we sportsmen and women tend to experience a lot of muscular pain after a workout. Because of its pain killing properties, cannabis can help in relieving this pain and helping in muscle recovery.In addition to this, cannabis is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can actually help you work out longer. Interesting! Right?

#2 Using cannabis will help increase appetite 

When you are taking part in a sport, most often sportsmen and women have to take part in intense workout sessions which mean you burn plenty of body fats and damage tissues which require to be replaced. Eating right will help in doing this. Cannabis is known to help increase appetite. The better your appetite the better you eat and the better your body rebuilds and recovers.

#3 Cannabis can help you burn body fat quicker

If you are an athlete, you definitely know how stressful it is to recover your body form especially after the pre-season. Regardless of the sport, most sportsmen and women end up gaining too much body fat during this period. Cannabis has chemical properties that contribute to burning off fat cells much faster. Only challenge is, not all weed strains have this chemical property. You will have to do extensive research before taking that blunt.

Keeping in mind that the World Anti-Doping Agency tests athletes more frequently these days in an effort to reduce doping incidents in sport, as a professional sportsman or woman you can only try this remedy at your own risk. At the moment, these options are only available to us who are sport enthusiasts but not professional sportsmen and women.

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